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dannyhatch 03-29-2016 05:00 PM

2354: Bounce for Bernie
with Michael and Marisela Khalili – The latest with Mandy Stadtmiller; Kris Jenner masterminded the Kim Kardashian sex tape; Jessica Lowndes joked that she was dating and engaged to Jon Lovitz; John Travolta’s hotel rider; Hugh Jackman saved drowning victims; man arrested for overdue VHS copy of Freddy Got Fingered; Republican voting shenanigans; 7-year-old dies when bouncy castle blows away

Marisela Arias

Michael Khalili

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89vision 03-29-2016 06:20 PM

At a caucus it's completely legal for a candidate to show up and attempt to persuade voters into supporting them.

dannyhatch 03-29-2016 08:45 PM

"'We had to remind some of our poll workers that even a president can’t go inside and work a polling place,' William F. Galvin, the Massachusetts secretary of state, said in an interview.

"'We had to remind everybody what the rules are, that there is no campaigning within 150 feet of the voting booths because people are entitled to their privacy,' Mr. Galvin said. 'And it’s not just him but his media entourage.'"

daytrip 03-29-2016 11:35 PM

Hugh Jackman is quite possibly a perfect human being... Keith's impression of the 'drowning' bystanders really struck a cord, like a bonkers modern day version of dropping a ridiculous handkerchief coquettishly. 'teeheehe save me, wolverine!'

Kat really is doing so much work for Bernie's campaign, it's inspiring.

iheartnihilism 03-30-2016 09:12 AM

Kims mom brokering her sex tape is old news. That's been said since they got a show. I really wish that whole family would drop off the face of the earth. Or at least get sterilized.

therewillbesnacks 03-30-2016 10:36 AM

That's some real petty shit coming from Mandy Stadtmiller, none of it substantiated of course. Btw if your curious, she has a score of about 20% on twitteraudit. Not sure if that's better or worse than the last time Keith mentioned it, but it's still hilarious.


Originally Posted by 89vision (Post 851779)
At a caucus it's completely legal for a candidate to show up and attempt to persuade voters into supporting them.

Except Massachusetts was a primary, not a caucus. So still super illegal. Not only was he directly in front of the polling location giving a speech (highly doubt they considered the 150ft thing, what are they really gonna do to a former president?), he was inside taking pictures and talking to voters as well. There was also this clip of voters being blocked off from voting by the motorcade:
I know it's old news, but seriously, fuck the Clinton machine.

In better news, Hillary flip-flopped on the New York debate thing, and agreed to debating Bernie in Brooklyn before April 19th! Guess he turned his tone around real quick, good on him!

Also, super happy to hear Michael, Marisela & Cat are canvassing! I've been doing calls myself, and while every little bit helps, canvassing is much more effective and you guys are the real troopers. New York's gonna be one of the toughest to win, but also the most important, right behind California. Good luck out there, and try not to let a Clinton supporter coax you into their apartment!

Eric M 03-30-2016 12:16 PM

Such a perfect description by Michael of what republicans have become in modern times. Spend all your government paid time making government work like shit and then go on a podium talking about how terrible government is even though they've made a living at it. Complain about government regulations except when they're talking about what a woman is allowed to do with her body then we need huge government watch dogs.

Sparrow 03-30-2016 05:53 PM

nope. she's just bought and beholden to the organizations pick pocketing our national wealth and individual rights. but, you're right, she sure don't hate dem niggers. we should reward that. #goldstar

Sparrow 03-30-2016 06:11 PM

sure. but i'm not willing to give her the highest office in the land because she's a different flavor of crap.

the crashing behemoth we're bowing under isn't' going to magically disappear with a democratic president either. shit is coming down the pipe no matter who sits in the seat.

Sparrow 03-30-2016 06:36 PM

those are the hot button mainstream issues he's using to rile up the 'tards. that's his strategy.

Hillary is using a different strategy. being in the wall street pocket is not something she's going to scream about. it doesn't involve or benefit the plebes or move the hearts of the left.

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