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The girl's younger brother. Maintains this site and works on several other web projects. Former president of Atheists United.
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KATG 2563: 9th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

The 2016 KATGuh Awards Ceremony featuring Justy Dodge, Wendi Starling, Michael Khalili, Luke Mones, Danny Hatch, Julie Kottakis, Mehran Khaghani, Marcia Belsky, Chaz Kangas, Molly Austin, Chanel Ali, Libby Phillips, and Chemda’s Tumor February 3, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Today's The Day: Welcome to the 2016 KATGuh Awards ceremony
  • — Most Damaged: Justy Dodge – Slice of Life
  • — Best Drunk: Wendi Starling – Orgazzzm
  • — Best Fight: Keith Malley vs. Michael Khalili – Pics or It Didn’t Happen
  • — Best Impression: Luke Mones – Barack Obama and John Oliver
  • — Most Goofiest Moment: Keith Malley and Danny Hatch – Kangaroo Court
  • — Best Sex Talk: Julie Kottakis – Used Panty Seller
  • — Most Ridiculous: Keith Malley – The Irish Jacket
  • — Best Spinoff Episode: My Name is Keith #36: The Seducer w/ Mehran Khaghani
  • — Best Flavor of The Month Episode: Misandry with Marcia #1 w/ Rae Sanni
  • — Best Improvised Music: Chaz Kangas - Topical
  • — Parent of The Year: Molly Austin – The Horror Slumber Party
  • — Best New Guest: Chanel Ali
  • — Most Shocking Moment: Chemda’s Tumor
  • — 2016 MVP: Libby Phillips

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