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Michael's Servant 10-04-2016 11:00 PM

2485: Balls of Steel
with Joel Kim Booster – Libby Phillips co-hosts: Libby Phillips co-hosts: Joel’s Conan set and YouTube comments; getting shit on your dick; sleeping in a bathtub; transphobia and homophobia on Friends; Wonder Woman is queer; Chemda surgery update; Keith’s wife’s root canal; Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint; pranks that break your iPhone; Frenchman destroys phones in Apple Store

Libby Phillips

Joel Kim Booster

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atrain715 10-05-2016 02:11 AM

I liked Libby's response to the story about people drilling into their IPhones. "Where do you even get a drill? " Get well Chemda and hurry back.

Thumbnail 10-05-2016 04:11 AM


Originally Posted by atrain715 (Post 855957)
Get well Chemda and hurry back.

Because Libby is asking drill questions and we can't handle another drill question.

Thumbnail 10-05-2016 04:53 AM


atrain715 10-05-2016 05:09 AM

Libby is doing great. That one comment made me laugh out loud. That's all I was trying to say.

Midwest Mike 10-05-2016 08:35 AM

iPhone smasher
Not sure what video Joel watched, but there was nothing subtle about how that French dude smashed the iPhones.

Watch: Man smashes iPhones at French Apple Store -

Enunciated Piffle 10-05-2016 10:21 AM

I felt strangely inspired by Kim. If you can overcome poop-dick, then like, anythings possible.

Laughter during a comedy show? Maybe. May be...

A+ ep.

My Sweaty Balls 10-05-2016 04:34 PM

The most surprising thing on this ep. is that Joel is writer for Billy on the Street.

Billy on the Street has writers?

Dean from Australia 10-06-2016 12:15 AM

I call bullshit on Kim Kardashian. The whole thing was a set up.

Keith 10-06-2016 03:01 AM

What's a set up?

Do you mean she knows she wasn't robbed?

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