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KATG 2485: Balls of Steel

with Joel Kim Booster – Libby Phillips co-hosts: Joel’s Conan set and YouTube comments; getting shit on your dick; sleeping in a bathtub; transphobia and homophobia on Friends; Wonder Woman is queer; Chemda surgery update; Keith’s wife’s root canal; Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint; pranks that break your iPhone; Frenchman destroys phones in Apple Store October 5, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Sick Day: Joel Kim Booster, who misses Chemda but is still happy to be here with Guest Host Libby, is in studio
  • — George Takei Looks Good: Joel discusses his stand-up performance on Conan and the YouTube feedback he got from it
  • — LOL Movement: Joel was the featured monologist on UCB’s AssssCat 30000 show, which led to 5 comics improvising a scene about the time Joel got fecal matter all over his genitals
  • — Tub Surfing: Joel’s Los Angeles sublet fell through so he stayed in his friend’s vacated, furniture-less apartment and made himself a bed in the bathtub
  • — Poor Kathleen Turner: Joel is a big Friends fan but must admit that casting Kathleen Turner as Chandler’s drag queen dad and the homophobic jokes were in bad taste
  • — Lasso Of Truth: A writer on the Wonder Woman comics confirmed that Wonder Woman has had sex with women
  • — Raw Pork Fat: Chemda’s surgery was a success, with doctors completely removing her 4.6 pound tumor
  • — Pulling Teeth: Keith’s wife got a root canal with insufficient anesthesia and was in such pain that Scary Keith had to step in
  • — Keeping Tabs On The Kardashians: Kim Kardashian was bound, gagged, and held up at gunpoint by French jewel thieves at her Paris hotel after posting pictures of her jewels online
  • — Easter Egg: A hot new prank has iPhone 7 owners drilling holes into their phone under the false pretenses that they will locate a hidden headphone jack. An angry Frenchman methodically broke every phone in the Apple Store after he couldn’t get help fixing his phone.

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