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Michael's Servant 08-22-2018 10:59 PM

2927: Speak Up w/ Julia Shiplett
Keith’s first year of sobriety; helping passed out strangers on the street; Mile 22 and Slender Man reviewed; how to get out of your own head during sex

Julia Shiplett

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Keith 08-23-2018 04:50 AM

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Archimedes_Screw 08-23-2018 06:21 AM

So every thing I’ve heard about NYC is true. The town is littered with bodegas with cats (whatever the hell those are) and dead bodies. Sign me up!

Archimedes_Screw 08-23-2018 06:45 AM


Originally Posted by Apia (Post 870406)
+comedy and weed

It is a genuine dream of mine to visit NYC and see all the shows and all of comics I follow.

NazT N8 08-23-2018 08:47 AM


fat guy in fingerless gloves
I wonder which Big Jay she's referring to

Archimedes_Screw 08-23-2018 09:07 AM

Follow Julia on Twitter. She’s a hoot.

Henrik 08-24-2018 03:18 AM

Don't miss Julia's amazing performance on Silent Trailers!

FingerLakes 08-24-2018 10:38 AM

can't believe Chemda murdered that guy

Keith 08-24-2018 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by FingerLakes (Post 870424)
can't believe Chemda murdered that guy

Atheists have no incentive to do good.

Maya 08-24-2018 12:57 PM

תן לי סטירה בתחת

That's how I would say slap my ass

Loved the Hebrew in this episode! As in I loved that Chema was basically telling everyone to fuck off.

Chemda, I hope I am an exception to you not speaking to Israelis. שבת שלום! And yes, I'm atheist but I can still wish you a good Saturday.

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