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Julia Shiplett

Comedian and writer. Featured in the StandUp NBC semifinals.
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KATG 2927: Speak Up w/ Julia Shiplett

Keith’s first year of sobriety; helping passed out strangers on the street; Mile 22 and Slender Man reviewed; how to get out of your own head during sex August 22, 2018

Show Notes

  • — A Horrible First Date: We have Julia Shiplett in studio to reminisce on her first KATG appearance in the wake of Keith’s sobriety announcement
  • — I See Drunk People: Keith looks back at his first year of sobriety and recounts what he has learned
  • — Home Impaired: Chemda saw a passed out man next to a bike on the street. Andrea Allan joins the gang to discuss if Chemda did the right thing.
  • — Faces Of Death: The movie Mile 22, which has received horrible reviews, is reviewed by Keith, who subsequently walked out of the movie Slender Man within 5 minutes
  • — Get Stupid: Keith feels that he has gotten out of his head more during sex now that he has dated multiple women. The gang discusses roleplay and dirty talk in the bedroom.

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