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Keith 10-26-2020 05:58 PM

3336: I've Got a Feeling w/ Patrick Schroeder
U.S. reports highest number of COVID-19 infections in 1 day since ever; coronalove; boring fiction and Borat 2 reviewed; Keith steals controversial New York Post; early voting breaks records; Brooklyn cop benched for blaring “Trump 2020” over police loudspeaker

Patrick Schroeder

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Archimedes_Screw 10-26-2020 07:04 PM

The New York Post was the only “news” organization to run the Hunter Biden story. Fox News wouldn’t even touch it. The story was so fake that reporters asked to have their bylines removed. It’s pure propaganda for Trump.

Keith 10-26-2020 07:10 PM

I can’t give up the Weird but True section. How else will I know that 100 gallons of milk spilled on a highway?

Apia resurrected 10-27-2020 01:22 AM

We have hight covid again here and I'm in home office. I hate it but also it is the right thing. My work is incredibly harder inside but I have my job so it's good.

Apia resurrected 10-27-2020 02:17 AM

I enjoy evolved Patrick!

Sorin Markov 10-27-2020 06:59 AM

The first time I voted, I told the poll worker I didn’t want a sticker. The lady was visibly offended and couldn’t understand why I didn’t take one.

Apia resurrected 10-27-2020 07:01 AM

We dont get stickers in Germany.
Hey, but we have universal healthcare.

Keith 10-27-2020 07:35 AM

I see what you’re saying.

I’ll get you a sticker.

Rune 10-27-2020 09:30 AM

This will be my first vote too. Idc if it happened in manic state, I still liked that my first ballot had Kanye as an option.

In UT (solid red territory), if you can believe polls anymore, it’s the first time a democrat had as high as a 40% saying they’ll vote for him over the republican nominee in half a century. Romney (UT) seemed like the only Republican in the Senate, besides Flake (AZ) and the late McCain (AZ) who ever actually challenged Trump. Ofc, it’s still a majority that’ll vote for Trump, even if some will hold their noses while they do it.

I kinda don’t get the sticker thing, bc the culture here is not to talk about politics. In some of my family, on my foreign side , politics is the thing to talk about, all day, everyday, over coffee/tea and pipe smoke.

joslingeneva 10-27-2020 01:24 PM

Relaxed in love Patrick is my fav!

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