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Patrick Schroeder

Comedian and co-host of The Good, The Dad, and The Ugly podcast.
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KATG 3504: The Doomsday Clock w/ Patrick Schroeder

On the KATG Marathon Patrick Schroeder let us know about the deal he made where in order to watch Super Bowl 56 he had to let his girlfriend fuck him in the ass. His own friends didn’t believe he’d go through with it. But Keith believed in him. Was Keith let down? Spoiler: If so this show would have lasted 5 minutes. Also, the gang discusses Whoopi Goldberg’s return to The View and everything she learned about the Holocaust. February 16, 2022

Show Notes

  • — Going up Patrick’s butt
  • — Super Bowl 56
  • — Whoopi Goldberg’s return to The View

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