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Keith 12-07-2020 08:06 PM

3353: Voices in My Head w/ Lucie Pohl
The COVID-19 Bat contracted coronavirus; Staten Islandís Macís Pub vs. virus restrictions/cops; acting like a statue to escape police; more undead; Chemdaís birthday card?; talking in your sleep

Lucie Pohl

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Apia resurrected 12-08-2020 05:09 AM

Lucie is always fun.

N8* 12-08-2020 08:56 AM

Didnít know Iím sleep

Apia resurrected 12-08-2020 10:15 AM

I’m very happy for Chemda and Keith that they both have love in their lives during the pandemic.

sketchowl 12-08-2020 05:24 PM

Lucie is very attractive and funny. I like her.

Keith 12-08-2020 05:35 PM

She hates Kyle Rittenhouse.

shoebootie 12-09-2020 10:20 AM

Lucie is such a gem, all her shows are great. I love how genuine she is too, asking about Keith's Dad and following up on that saga.

Hera Again 12-09-2020 06:22 PM

In my podcast app KATG is classified as ĎEducation.í 🤔👍

sketchowl 12-10-2020 04:36 PM


Originally Posted by Keith (Post 886983)
She hates Kyle Rittenhouse.

that's too bad for him.

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