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Lucie Pohl

Comedian, actress and writer. Voice of Mercy in Overwatch.
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KATG 3803: God Bless the U.S.A. w/ Lucie Pohl

The great Lucie Pohl joins Keith to discuss her role in The Dad Emails book, Donald Trump’s God Bless the USA Bible, Sean D. Combs’s homes being raided by federal agents over sex trafficking allegations, and the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key bridge. But it’s funny. March 29, 2024

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Show Notes

  • — Birthdays and getting older
  • — Vietnamese man has a 12-inch eel removed from his abdomen after it slid up his ass
  • — Lucie Pohl and The Dad Emails
  • — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. picks his vice president
  • — Donald Trump’s God Bless the USA Bible
  • — Federal officers raided the homes of Sean D. Combs over sex trafficking allegations
  • — The collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key bridge
  • — Somerset, PA county school asks 5th graders to explain what they would look for in a good slave
  • — Deez-Nuts arrested for battery and disorderly conduct


Lucie PohlLucie Pohl
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