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Keith 01-26-2022 03:50 PM

3494: Paranoid Clarity w/ Nesil Izil
Nesil Izil joins KATG to discuss starting out in stand-up, open mics, and heroin. Yes, shooting up! She talks about her 7 years of sobriety and how she turned her life around. The trio also talks about Cheryl Hines vs. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (her husband) and the few times that you shouldnít compare things to Anne Frank. Also, Keith decides to be a olympian for all the fuckiní.

Nesil Izil

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DeathInGrasp 01-26-2022 09:13 PM

I have been on opioids following a really invasive surgery called a PAO (I was put on OxyContin and Percocet) and it did nothing for me, even tried double then triple the dose to see if itíll at least help my pain and help me sleep since my hip was killing me but no such luck so I stopped taking them. I am astonished hearing how pleasurable feeling or high people get off a tab or two of Oxy. I am sure I donít have the genetic predisposition to addiction, so that helps too, but opioids just arenít for me anyway. After a recent outpatient procedure I didnít even fill the Vicodin script because I knew it wouldnít do jack shit anyway.

LSD and shrooms however, now those can be an awesome experience.

thirteen 01-26-2022 10:39 PM

Ummm, this was a wild ride of an eppy.

Aces 10 entertainment.

Apia resurrected 01-27-2022 12:20 AM

No heroine here.
With my first child birth they said they gave me an opiat but I didn't notice anything. So it was not enough or it doesn't work on me.

Valium is something else but this one downer I tried. And people seem to like it.
I Sri Lanka where I was on holiday once you could buy it over the counter.
It did nothing.

ThePinkSuperhero 01-27-2022 11:34 AM

Gave birth to my first via c-section in 2012, back when they were freer with the opiods. FF to me immediately after surgery, watching the nature channel with him and crying about how I'm going to show him the world. High as a kite! Nice time.

bag of lazers 01-27-2022 11:53 AM

Nesil's great! Would love to hear her again!

shoebootie 01-31-2022 10:28 AM

No heroin for me.

Got to experience dilaudid in the ER twice, and liquid vicodin at home after a surgery and they are both so good, I can see how someone would want to ruin their life for this shit. They just feel so good and warm and worry free all over... I'm glad I don't have that addiction gene or I could see fucking up everything for some of this.

rodimusprime 02-01-2022 02:05 PM

Now that's an open book!

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