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Nesil Izil

Comedian and open book - but like in the good way
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KATG 3494: Paranoid Clarity w/ Nesil Izil

Nesil Izil joins KATG to discuss starting out in stand-up, open mics, and heroin. Yes, shooting up! She talks about her 7 years of sobriety and how she turned her life around. The trio also talks about Cheryl Hines vs. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (her husband) and the few times that you shouldn’t compare things to Anne Frank. Also, Keith decides to be a olympian for all the fuckin’. January 26, 2022

Show Notes

  • — Stand-up beginnings
  • — Heroin and sobriety
  • — Cheryl Hines vs. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (her husband) over Anne Frank
  • — Olympic fuckin’


Nesil IzilNesil Izil

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