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Keith 08-19-2021 08:38 AM

56: $10
They say everyone has a price! Whatís your price to watch something you donít want to watch? In this episode Chemda implores Keith to watch some things, but itís gonna cost her! We also get the skinny on colonics from our favorite liar, some bold word choices from our favorite robot, some big hugs from our favorite gorilla, and some opinions about good/bad jobs! See ya next week!

117: Walken 2008 w/ Patrice
329: Homewrecker w/ Matt B and Scooby Jeff
788: You're Welcome w/ Jesse Joyce and Ray Devito
1024: Skanks a Lot w/ Adam Brown and Myq Kaplan
1235: Copywrong w/ Myq Kaplan
1446: The Reviews are In
2036: Losing My Religion w/ Hollis James
2230: Wedding Daze w/ Wendi Starling
2452: Pair-bonded w/ Kaytlin Bailey
3135: Courtney James Salengo w/ Courtney Maginnis


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Apia resurrected 08-19-2021 09:50 AM

You did good Jerome.
One suggestion:
If they ask you about the vaccine, donít say no, ask:
Would you take it and why?

Important: ask if they would take it.
This way you get the good answer.

Apia resurrected 08-19-2021 09:51 AM

BTW my company sold the vaccine department some years ago, so there is nothing for my company or me to win by people get vaccinated.

Apia resurrected 08-19-2021 10:10 AM

Keith, I found the kids also not nice in the last season.
The sister breaks a door in the house of the brother and the parents replace it no questions asked?
That’s wrong.

I found the parents were too supportive at the end and didn’t have their own life.
They only talked about the kids. Too much!

Apia resurrected 08-19-2021 10:26 AM

Of course we watched Mrs Maisel. We are Chemdas tv twins as it seems.
I liked it.
Even it was sometimes uneven.
I 100% recommend Never have I ever on Netflix for Chemda. I am pretty sure it’s for you.

Here the trailer for season 1

I watched the Kaminski Method and liked it, but this season I got mad at it very much and stopped watching.
Im afraid to say why because of possible spoilers.

Paige_H 08-19-2021 07:17 PM

How about a Kickstarter and if the goal is reached Keith has to watch Chemdaís suggestions. Though $10 a movie seems pretty low. Keith should at least get $15 per hour. [emoji1787]

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thirteen 08-20-2021 09:32 AM

Please don't "recommend" any shows or movies to Keith ever again.
If you say even one nice thing about it, you'll be in big trouble.

Or yes, we can send money for each person to watch something LOL

Newsy 08-20-2021 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by thirteen (Post 890054)
Please don't "recommend" any shows or movies to Keith ever again.

That'll be $10 please.

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da_ticklah 08-22-2021 05:55 AM

WRT to TikTok Starbucks orders, fuck those ppl and Starbucks should up charge anything anything off menu with more than 5 ingredients. That’ll be 10$ please

Deborah 08-23-2021 01:51 AM

I watched atypical on Chemda’s recommendation. ��*♀️��*♀️

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