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CHU 67: Party Etiquette

Hey folks! After a lackluster week in my love life, we turn to laughter to turn my frown upside down! In this episode we hear about the woes of having a maid, unemployment troubles, Van Halen, Cindy Adams, old skin, party do’s and don’ts, surgery mistakes and Wailing Wall wishes! Episodes Discussed 178: Find Keith a Job 853: Act Like a Man w/ Jesse Joyce 1087: Paris Hilton for President w/ Jermaine Fowler 1299: Movin' Out w/ Claudia Cogan and Newsy 2094: Candy Crush w/ Liz Meile 2279: Inside Mike Lawrence w/ Mike Lawrence 2521: Family Feud w/ Libby Phillips and Laurie Kilmartin November 24, 2021


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