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CHU 60: And You Can Chu!

Hello folks! Have you ever felt one way and then felt another way? Did you ever decide, Hey, maybe I don't wanna do this anymore so much? Are you just as confused as Keith was during the show? Good. Sit back, and I'll fill you in. In today's episode we talk Jackass, brohavior, itineraries, NYC safety, and pageantry! Episodes discussed: 141: Old Farts, New Smells w/ Patrice 352: Jackasses w/ Matt B, Adam Brown, and Max Darwin 812: Unconstitutional w/ Jesse Joyce 1047: Hell-A w/ Christian Finnegan 1257: Fuck John Adams w/ Ray DeVito 1464: Missing You w/ Jesse Joyce 2248: Get Down w/ Chaz Kangas 2476: The Eagle Has Landed w/ Ali Clayton 3155: Red-Faced September 22, 2021


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