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CHU 119: Steak and Buttplug Day

It’s Pi Day! Come grab a slice of this sweet sweet episode where we discuss audio gear, customer service, American Idol, listener letters, guy time, AIM, baths, driving instructors, and comedy booking. Episodes discussed: 6: Jeff the Jerkoff 238: Missing the Joke 461: Psychology 101 1353: Daddy Issues 1553: Get in the Game w/ Costaki Economopoulos 1745: 5th Annual KATGuh Award Winners 1942: Download This, Sweetheart w/ Katharine Heller 2343: I Know What I Know w/ Marlena Rodriguez 2589: In Da Tub w/ Siobhan O'Loughlin 2826: NSFW w/ Andrea Allan 3038: Operation Varsity Blues w/ Mike Lawrence and Paul Hooper 3514: The Boss w/ Gabe Henry March 15, 2023


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