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Originally Posted by MalcolmSmith View Post
I started this post a while ago, and I think I lost it. It's gotta be around here somewhere. Hmmm? Anyhow, I related your story to someone today, because I thought it was funny, and they did too. But, it was kind of awkward. How do you retell a funny story, etc. you hear on the forums? What should I say, "ElleJ told me..." or, "This girl on the forums said her grandma... " or, "Strafer's buddy from KATG said... " or "My friend said... " or, "This girl I know in New Jersey said... " etc. Whomever I'm relating the story to is bound to say, "Who? Wha? When were you in New Jersey?" It sure would be a lot easier if you guys were on TV instead of the Internet, then they would know who the heck I was talking about. Man, I'm confused.
Aww, glad they got a kick out of it too!

I just say "My friend" for the most part my friends from home don't know my friends from where I live now and vice I can get away with it without explaining. Except with my coworkers and bf, they like to call me out and go "Oh, your internet friends?" They just don't understand that you guys really are my then I come on here and talk about how silly they are that they don't get it.
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