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Originally Posted by Marcel View Post
If the robots have access to the internet HUAR! is pretty much fucked. And they will, I saw the movie STEALTH. (-omg, wtfz is he dooing?1 / -he's downloading songs from the internet / -omfg wut songs? / -all of them!!1 / -omg!1')
HUAR! has been around for two years now, so we can be sure they know about us already. We just have to rely on Short Wave. BTW Fuuuucccckkkk Yooooouuuu!! and welcome to the forums!

Originally Posted by motherTrucker View Post
i think its the next step in the robot revolution. What are your thoughts?
I don't think we have to worry much until Microsoft come's out with their version. They already have a table that can read our shit!

Originally Posted by jillybean View Post
these japanese engineers are crazy!

And with what was mentioned before about the Japanese designing mind reading technology it's only a matter of time before they become self aware.

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