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Originally Posted by ncfcyank19 View Post
There's a big difference between getting an audiobook recorded, pressed and send out for distribution and simply dropping a tape in the mail. We've bought shit from KATG's store and they had no problem sending it out. What, do we need to PAY soccergirl to get her ass in gear? Sure she may be busy but how hard would it be to just drop the tape into a box and ship that puppy out?
Sorry. I gotta agree with Ballz on this one.

It sounds from the way I read it that she has a tape that has other things on it and not just KATG stuff. If that were the case, I wouldn't part with the tape either. There are no guarantees it won't get lost or not returned.

Why didn't KATG bring a tape? Have them tape their stuff and take it with them? It probably would have solved this problem. Or maybe that's just me...
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