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I just read through the whole thread - and - a couple thoughts.....

I have become attracted to someone after a lengthy "just friendship" relationship on more than one occasion - at that point I think it is just as likely that the person who was attracted from the get-go will lose interest because it's not all that they expected it to be. At least they can sleep nights knowing they finally got what they thought they wanted - and yes - I do think that counts for something.

Holding back from what you truly want to do will hurt you more than anyone.
By that I mean that if you give someone space - or put a time limit on how often you see them or speak to them it is most often you that is aware of this and not the other person. They go on about their life while you are going crazy not doing things that you want to do. I am a huge believer in getting stuff out on the table - that way it doesn't fester inside of you.

Just an opinion from someone who has been on both sides....
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