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Originally Posted by EastTexas View Post
Don't let this person dictate how you act. Just because she is shitty, doesn't mean you have to be too.
It's really not your place to get between she and her mother.
It's a frustrating bad situation, and it takes a lot of will to just let it go and move on.
I know this and this is why certain actions haven't been taken. I have not gotten involved with her family issues, I haven't thrown her things on the lawn and set them on fire. I am trying to deal with it in the best manner possible. I understand that I probably will not be able to work out a way to get rid of her in a pleasant manner, so i will most likely have to leave myself.

Originally Posted by Ucee View Post
to sum up:

you don't like your loud, likely drug-abusing hippie roommate because she lies around doing nothing and talks shit on the phone. Besides she took some of your booze from the fridge. I can relate to that.

Meanwhile, you went into her room, searched her personal stuff (without finding any of yours, I assume), posted photos of her personal issues on the internet and host a thread for planning how to expose her and kick her out of her apartment, suggesting unrelated people from the internet to call her family.

Now, which would be a bigger violation of privacy and personal property?
I have and did find or have seen many of my items in her room before, but I have also refrained from invading her privacy and her room. Her door is left open at all times, so you can see into it, and I also have to exit through her room to access the mailbox.
I am not the one that went through her drug stash box. Someone else did, and not at my urging. Fact remains that a photo bearing drug evidence was brought to my attention.

At this point, I have been stressed enough dealing with stupid, mostly petty bullshit from her for months now, and I do not respect her, and yes that's my problem. But once you start to be a junkie, in my book you do not deserve the respect.

Justifiable or not, if you were forced into a situation of living with someone possibly abusing heroin, would you not try to find the best recourse to getting that person out of your living space?

as a side point: surprisingly enough, most people are actually taking this somewhat seriously, which on these forums I didn't expect. I would not construe everything on here as being serious. Did i actually post her phone number? Did i put rat poison in her food? No.
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