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New Dashboard Features:
- A true graphic of a dashboard
- Navigation to see where you are in your trip
- Speedometer that actually shows the true last speed your were driving, not rounded.
- Bright lights indicator turns on when driving between 7pm and 7am central time in real life.
- Oil light comes on with engine problems.
- Turbo light comes on if you have one of the turbo products.
- Fog light indicator turns on if you have fog lights and are driving in harsh weather conditions.
- Radar detector appears on dash if you own a radar detector. It is animated.
- CB appears on dash if you own a CB.
- Hazards blink if you run out of gas, break down, get in wreck, etc.
- Fuel light comes on if you are below 20% tank.
- Leg success message has been added to lower confusion for new drivers.
- Messages have been designed to stand out more.
- Country now appears on Origin & Destination with city.
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