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With respect to n00bs I do agree that there should be limitations on their ability to post new threads, not so much with respect to topic, but more to prevent thread duplication.

Topics though, are open to personal preference - there are many popular threads here that would not have gotten past me if I were the moderator. If you don't like a thread you don't have to go in it.

You may not believe it (and it certainly wasn't reflected in the last stats) but I have been posting a lot less lately. Unfortunately that is mostly because I find the forums have become rather dull.

Let's not forget would never have become a popular lolcat thread if it had stayed on topic. (Although it is of course true that it in fact wouldn't have existed, even based on my moderation idea due to being a duplicate thread).

Maybe we need to leave it to the thread starter as to whether or not they are happy with the direction a thread has taken. We could all agree that if the thread starter posts a request to return to topic then we will ... I have seen a lot of self-moderation recently - with posts stating a desire to move an off-topic conversation to inane chatter. Maybe we can just wait and see if we can handle this without moderation?

My concern is that moderation will drain the remaining fun from the forums.