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Originally Posted by kataish View Post
Try closing the window and opening a new browser. It happened to me once in paltalk, but just closing the window and opening it again worked for me.

If that doesn't work, try rebooting.

Yes, the moderation should be more hands-on. A lot of the junk is caused by one asshole posting off-topic shit, which then drags other people into an argument.
So there should be more than four or five mods, and they should delete duplicate or superfluous threads, and ban people who get over-excited.

But I doubt I'll be around to see it. The deletion of the *NA threads was malicious and was disrespectful towards the fans who have done so much to "spread the word", and build the "community" which attends events and buys merchandise.
Disk space is CHEAP at the moment, I don't believe that was an issue.

Yes to moderation, no to the Forums. Bye.
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