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Originally Posted by vtkitty1313 View Post
WHen i saw this at our local arthouse theatre people were able to play Donkey Kong on the screen using the original nintendo system. It was great b/c we were there when tey were setting up and the projectionist had to actually blow on the cartridge to make it work. sweet.

Great movie but you can tell that some of the stuff must have been staged....or at least it really seemed like it was.

Sigh - The problem is that the DK on the NES was a chopped up half version. It quits after 3 or 4 levels, not to the extent of the real deal. Mind you, i know this only because I read it when I went to download it on the Wii, and gods know I couldn't get past the 2nd or 3rd levels, let alone the 4th or 5th. I'd love an honest to god arcade version that I could tweak, like on the DS "Arcade" remixes..

Originally Posted by mkl View Post
I enjoyed the movie, but make sure you don't use it as your only source, the actually story was much different, and much less dramatic so they needed to change it to make it enjoyable.
Wikipedia basically summed it up. And I agree they did a little bit of tweaking to make it seem worse off in SOME situations, but the core is still of Bill being a dickhead, and Steve just being a sort of loser everyman.

Also - you have to realize that the source the whole "They played together, etc.etc.etc." was from Walter Day, not the most reputable of sources.

And regardless, they let Billy's videotape with flubbed tape problems in, and it took away from what Steve had accomplished.

It's a shame that had to add anything in, or change how things seemed... however, it's a far better comparison than something like a Michael Moore flick

Of course, it's easier to debunk Video Games than the US Political/Medical system... SHRUG!
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