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Originally Posted by Newsy View Post
I honestly don't know what drama you're referring to. I think these forums are just fine the way they are. If anything, they could do with a bit more honesty. I don't see why we have to be all nicey nicey to everyone because we're a "community".

In your life, do you let every single thing that gets on your nerves get by? No. You confront things. It could easily be said, "If you don't like the drama, dont read it". Do like Mikey is doing, and block people. Skip all the responses from people you don't like. There are TONS of you, that no matter what you say in whatever thread, I'm going to ignore, because I don't like you and don't really care what you have to say. And then I go about my day.

I bet that w/out all of this supposed "drama", the forums would be that much more boring. The Inane Chatter virus would spread to every single thread, instead of being quarantined by the help of Team Hater and such, and all of the threads would die because Grapist had to insert all of his ugly in it, and it would go off track. Was that necessary? No. It was DRAMA. And how many people lol'd at Grapist being ugly? Srsly... have you seen his pictures?
QFE... errrm, whatever the one is that means I agree with you a lot... I've never been one for remembering tings...

And spooky (not trying to start anything, but), it was DNA that ruined the forums as you describe (derailing threads constantly) and for the large part, they're still the ones that stuck around in inane chatter doing the same thing they were doing before the *NA deletions.
SNA might've ruined the forums in the sense that they're more "carebear" than they were before, but that's using the term "ruined" subjectively*.

*-not sure if "subjectively" was the right word here... what I mean is that some people don't think it's a bad thing that the forums are more carebear-y

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