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i think some people are confusing the "WORSE" thing with the "STUPIDEST" thing they have ever done.

For example, one of the worse things i've ever done was pooped in my friends toilet, which got clogged cuz i pooped a very majestic poo, and they didnt have a plunger, so i found a pick comb and used that to break the poo apart till it would flush. I still never told them about that.

The stupidest thing ive probably ever done was when i was younger i used to hide in a fort off the road a bit and shoot bb's at cars. One day a truck went by and i took a shot at it, and the passenger side window just exploded into the lady in the seats lap. They hit the breaks and i freaked the fuck out and ran in the house, past my mom and said i did something really bad as i went and hid in my room. Watching out the window i saw the truck pull up, the lady crying and the driver all pist off. I got my ass beat for that shit.
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