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Originally Posted by jeffdrafttech View Post
One of the computer guys in my office was drinking with us last week and the Vista issue came up.

He defended M$, saying vista reliability depends on the hardware+drivers of particular machines. I guess some computer parts manufacturers just don't have their stuff up to vista standards. He was pro-vista, but having said that, none of the machines in our office run Vista; they're all XP.

My vista machine runs fine now, after months of problems (I bought my machine with vista installed right after the release). It acted up again after SP1 but it was easy to roll back to before the SP1 update, and turn off future updates. The IT guy at work told me my problems were likely due to the Nvidia chipset/drivers. :shrug:
I think I was lucky, there was a new nvidia driver release jyst after I setup my machine.

I dislike vista more for what it could have been and fell short of being than what it is. I do love how malleable I've discovered it to be, though.
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