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All of these are fun to read. [:

I lost mine the summer I was fifteen.

It's hard for me to say I regretted it. I'm one of the "foolish" ones who now want to wait until married to have sex so I regret it in the sense that I won't be a technical virgin on my wedding day, but in another sense, if I were to have sex before marriage anyway, I was glad it was with him. He was my first love, and it was perfect. [:

I'm currently planning on saving it until marriage now. I can't COMPLETELY save 'it' seeing as I've had sex, but I just basically want to keep pure starting now, until I marry. [: Tease me all you want about that, I don't care. It's important to me, and I don't judge people on who or when they fuck, so why judge me?

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i think the real question is if you prefer virgins or sluts
Uh, well that's not necessarily true. I'm not a virgin or a slut, so where does that put me?

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let's face it, how good at sex can teenagers be?
Not all teenagers suck in bed. Some just were born with a gift.

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Why are you telling me to hug Nazis?
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