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Originally Posted by Astigos View Post
I don't understand how people can hop skip and jump through every game in the market. When I get a game, I stick with it for a good, long while.

I'm still on Wii Fit and loving it. I recommend it to anyone who has a Wii.
I have a tendency to do that. I will get a game and stay with it until I complete it. After I complete it, I may play it again to see if I can do it better or find new things in it.
At the moment I am not really in the middle of a game so I can hop around on the old familiars.
Some day I will get to FF12, FF Crisis Core, and the Kingdom Hearts....oh...and the Presspirate has me wanting to play God of War...both of them so I have a backlog of games to get to, but I know as soon as I start a new one I will be obsessed with it until I beat it.
Okay...I am done yakkin...
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