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I disagree with Chemda's assessment of the guy who wrote in about his relationship with the single mom (with the baby daddy in jail).

She basically said "who are you to judge? You are probably no better. Maybe you can do no better than her." That's some b.s. To tell someone to turn their filter off is so foul. The guy wasn't even judging or talking bad about the woman, he just wanted advice.

Chemda once dismissed an ex-boyfriend as a "mama's boy". She used her "judgement" in seeing that the guy wasn't right for her. That is all the advice-seeker was trying to do.

Here's the real advice in that situation: No one should get involved with some single parent who had the bad judgement to have a baby with a criminal, even if it's just to save themselves the drama, heartache and trouble, of which they will see no positive return except for sex. Single dudes and dudettes, avoid "ghetto" single parents and avoid "Octopussy". An Octopussy is a single mother with more than one child by more than one baby-daddy. The term was inspired by the octo-mom and was created on KATG 899 and the official definition above, was written by me. This term should be entered into the urban lexicon (And I know octo means "eight" but the it is an exaggeration like a woman calling a grabby date "octopus hands".)

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