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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Blood Mountain is awesome, easily on my 2006 top ten. Crack The Skye is also good. They're less straight forwardly heavy and a lot more subtle in their approach but i love 'em.

Metallica... I won't blame it on Newsted or Trujillo, cause in their other projects or bands they're two very good bass players.

It feels more like Lars and Hetfield are really tired and dried out in the songwriting section...
I mean they still can put on a goood show but when it comes to writing new songs, they all seem like a bunch of mediocre riffs thrown together...
Yeah Mastadon are better than I thought they would be.

I think Newsted and Trujillo are just doing there job... being a bass player, I don't blame them either to come into the Metallica and try to tell James and Lars what to do would take some serious balls.

I read that Cliff introduced James to alot of new music and ideas for song structures blah blah blah between Kill em' all and ride the lightening, I just get the idea that his input was important.

The problem with Metallica? They are old, not age wise, Slayer are still going but just attitude, they aren't sitting around listening to Motorhead and Iron Maiden albums anymore.
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