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Originally Posted by greggcarson View Post
"Hank [Shermann, guitar] has written songs [for the proposed Mercyful Fate CD]. And he is ready for our new masterpiece," King Diamond is quoted as saying.

I remember reading some other stuff, probably won't be out anytime soon but it sounds like its in the works.
King Diamond refuted the news article you're quoting, saying half the article was false. That article was published in January, the same time he posted this on his official forums:
Originally Posted by King Diamond
The present status of Mercyful Fate remains unchanged, meaning that we have not started writing new material. For that to happen, Mercyful Fate's recording contracts have to be renegotiated first. We certainly would love for this to happen so that we can finally make our long overdue "masterpiece". Both Hank and I are ready to go if that scenario presents itself, and who knows, that might happen this year.
So..... for this year, you will see a double DVD of old private King Diamond video recordings and a double DVD of old private Mercyful Fate video recordings which I am working on as we speak. Andy has finished remastering "The Graveyard", "Spider's Lullabye", "Voodoo", and "House of God", all of which should also be available this year. And then there is "the big surprise" (not little King babies with horns on their foreheads or Mercyful Fate writing new songs, at least not as we speak) but something that could lead to renegotiations of the Mercyful Fate recording deals. We'll see. Be patient.....
Mercyful Fate is still on ice. As you can see, he is hoping that the recent release of two Mercyful Fate songs with Guitar Hero: Metallica will cause something to allow them to begin writing, but, as of right now, nothing new is happening with Mercyful Fate.
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