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tried quitting many times over my 10-yr pack-a-day habit. finally, had enough of the stinking shit and on my 30th birthday said FUCK THIS. That was almost 3 yrs ago. My best friend and his wife smoke. Up until my wife got pregnant 7 mos ago she still smoked. At first it was really hard to be around them while they were smoking, now it's not so bad. Thank goodness it stinks so bad- that really helps.

i still want a cigarette almost every time I'm driving or talking on my cell phone, but it's just a passing compulsion.

Anyone can quit- it just seems to me to be a matter of finding the right motivation.

BUT, smokers are FUCKING RETARDED. Knowing what you know, paying what you do, you're fucking retarded. Not to say our world isn't made up mostly of functioning retards...
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