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Great show. Marc was very good, as were Keith and Chemda.

Regarding Rogan, Marc's response seemed part standup snobbery/jealousy (because Rogan didn't make it the "right way") and self-righteous idealism. So what if Rogan danced for the man. As clowns I bet Keith and Chemda did that quite literally. Are we to dismiss their current work because they "sold out" along the way? And blaming Rogan, even partly, for the death of scripted TV is a major stretch. Joe didn't force millions of people to watch and he didn't write the union/guild contracts that make scripted TV so expensive to produce.

I'm not sorry if it's harder for failed standups to get a job writing a hack sitcom. Life doesn't guarantee success. If they can't write something more entertaining than a guy eating a goat penis, then maybe they should find another line of work. But I don't buy the premise that reality shows killed TV. There was a period of adjustment, but there are probably more high quality scripted shows on now then ever before. I don't watch any realty TV, but my viewing schedule is as full as ever. Even more so in the summer, which use to be a TV dead zone.
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