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I think replacement arms for amputees will come from the cyborg project. A professor in England had a neural interface implaned and was able to control a robotic hand built like a human hand. Cyborg 2.0

Sony has been working on their own neural interface for gaming. The latest news was somone able to post their Twitter update by thinking it. And you thought it was bad now with every stupid thought getting updated? Researchers use brain interface to post to Twitter (4/20/2009)

Now look at Ai Research's software, a company in Israel. It can now communicate in a normal fashion. They have a HAL nursury with trianed personalities to interact with. Ai Research - Creating a new form of life

So, none of that is science fiction, but actual working technology. Give it a few more years to advance to being faster and smarter and put the pieces together and you have something the military will love to get their hands on. Robotic soldiers that have enough independant thought to adapt to situations.

Now if I can just get one that looks like Summer Glau.

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