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Finshed re-playing the patched version of Portal, to amp up the achievements and re-live the thingie for the sequel. I know i'm late on this but i just love how the whole GlaDOS final rant is basically a quintessential bitchy girlfriend monologue. She doesnt even sound like a villainous AI, she sound like a neurotic PMS riddled woman. Ellen McLain should be sanctified for hwer work in this game.

Played Plants vs Zombies. That's the electronic version of crack. Amazing.

Gave a look at World of Goo. Could very well be in my all time top 10. I just love simple games where explaining the concept is harder than playing it. And it looks fantastic too. I need more games like this.

Being on a steam-streak, i gave a bump to "Dead Space" (i borrowed it and never owned it or finished it. I remember it being an amazing pant shitter) and bought "Peggle" (Oh yeah).

Also gave a try to Battlefield - BC2. Looks interesting, maybe i'll get it when it goes down pricewise. I still think that the best war games ever made are the Brothers in Arms series.

Note: The Ubisoft servers have collapsed under the weight of thgeir own pretentious idea of piracy fighting. Legit possessors of Assassin's Creed 2 are getting screwed like kids at Michael Jackson's parties. Those idiots are trying to pull out any kind of excuse ("We were hacked!") and pirates are probably laughing their asses off.

Oh the irony.
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