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Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
Take some time to wander around Montmartre for me that was the prettiest part of the city and the views from Sacre Coeur down on Paris are amazing

If you have time to make it out to Versailles (which I really recommend) take your time in the gardens as they are pretty spectacular and especially the "Hameau de la reine" near the Petit Trianon is really cute and basically the first Disneyland:
"The hameau, a small and rustic ersatz farm meant to evoke a peasant village in Normandy, was built on the far side of a landscaped pond the hamlet was complete with farmhouse, dairy, and mill. Here, it was said, the Queen and her attendants would dress as shepherdesses and milkmaids. Particularly docile, hand-picked cows would be cleaned. These cows would be milked by the ladies, with porcelain milk churns painted to imitate wood.
Hameau de la reine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Otherwise enjoy the food and wine because as much as I don't like the French they do have fucking great food.
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