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Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
I don't think the comparison the caller made between Dane Cook and Picasso was a very good one. He said that, in order for him to agree Dane Cook is a hack, he'd have to go back and listen to Dane Cook's material... isn't that the equivalent of just going back and looking at Picasso's paintings? Why should anyone have to go back and study, not only the art, but the history of the artist just to form an opinion. Am i allowed to say a certain car is a piece of shit if i haven't completed a mechanics course and/or studied the history of the company that produced the car? I like metal but i dislike Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and AC/DC, does that mean my opinion on all other bands is null and void? People like what they like.

I'm guessing all the points for Keith's side of the arguement (the side i happen to agree with) have already been made in the 2 previous show threads so i won't continue it here.

Wow, so far Keith has riled up the nerds, the people with MS, the gamers (all FPS are the same) and now the art snobs.. the suspense of which group of douches are gonna cop it next is killing me.
Suck up.
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