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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
This was a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, fun, brilliant, fun show.

What would you say if the poll was "Fun or Brilliant"?

Who cares! Thanks!

You're nice and nice.

Originally Posted by JSZilla View Post
That was awesome!!

These two brilliant mother fuckers always make my day. I love them so much.

Even with my mouth.
Thanks with your mouth!

Originally Posted by serial_x View Post
I love Myq and Micah, their songs were three of the best songs I've heard on KaTG and BOP! is easily my new ringtone.
Thanks with JSZilla's mouth!

PS Regarding people and their sex drives, there are certainly people who differ naturally. I've listened to Dan Savage's podcast a bunch, and read his columns, and there are all kinds of people who range from completely asexual to every level libido possible. Certainly drugs can affect things, but some people's things are affected already.

Sex as art!
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