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Are you sure that the special magic isnyt made up because you were young and gullible when you saw them?

Yes, they were nice and ahead of the times for the FX. But the whole thing is quite sad oif you watch them with a cool head.

"Empire..." is the only one of all six that really stands.

The first one is slow, badly put together and only Harrison Ford is a really cool character in it. Even Darth Vader is more cool in thory than in practice. He's a very generic sum of any bad guy from comic books but with a nice outfit.

The rest is basically a msh mash of different things: LOTR (the books), swordfighting movies, action stuff from the golden age, war movies from the 30's (Just put the nazis instead of the empire and you have it), a bit of new age philosophy and a loooooooooot of comic books.

It's pleasant stuff, but as movies (again, excluding Empire...) they're very mediocre. Mostly because Lucas is one of the most mediocre movie people on the planet.
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