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1. Should I be satisfied with that explanation?
I don't think the dumped is ever fully satisfied with the dumper's explanation...but honestly, why bother trying to get a better one out of her? If you can be certain that it's not because of something you did...which she seems to be assuring you it wasn't....then FUCK IT and forget it.

2. Why don't I feel as bad as I think I should?
Because you're a bad ass. You doesn't afraid of anything, including this break up. You're mature enough to realize that while it was your most significant relationship to date, in the long run of your life it won't really be a big deal at all and now you get to write break up songs, which always rock (well if you're good at writing songs they should rock), and then find fresh meat to write songs about new love found or hot ass bitches (which are also awesome songs) really it's a win win.

3. Ladies?
You will bang hundreds more before you die.
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