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Double posting but I don't care...

Why is it that since the internet has become such a huge tool for professional and business uses there are some people that insist on conducting their business in such an unprofessional and informal manner?

You are the person in charge of hiring at a major branch of a Fortune 100 company. A prospective employee meets with recruiters at a job fair, and is subsequently instructed to contact you via e-mail for further information regarding the facility and open positions. You should take note of the following:

1.) Either know the hiring system your company uses or ask the perspective employee in a polite and professional manner to clarify when he/she references a particular point you're unfamiliar with. Saying "I don't know what you're talking about" and then changing the subject doesn't say much for you or your company.

2.) Know how to read a resume. If someone is still working for a particular position, they will usually state "Start Date -- Present", and their current job duties will be stated in the present tense. If their most recent job has a "Start Date -- End Date that was half a year ago", and their duties are listed in the past tense, don't ask if they're still working there, because it should be pretty clear that they aren't. This doesn't say much for you or your company.

3.) When you do ask the prospective employee to clarify something (see 2 above), and they do (and even apologize for the misunderstanding), an acceptable response is not an e-mail stating only "yeah okay" and nothing more. This doesn't say much for you or your company.

4.) Know your own e-mail system. You requested a resume from the prospective employee, which was attached on the next response. It may not send the best message (literally) to the prospective employee if your e-mail system automatically adds to your reply [attachment resume.pdf deleted by name of HR rep, company branch, company]. You should know your system does this, and if you really want to delete the resume, do it after you're done corresponding. Letting this kind of stuff go doesn't say much for you or your company.

Everyone wonders why the unemployment rate is so high right now, when people who try to get jobs get this kind of response. Companies aren't supposed to treat their employees like shit until AFTER they're giving out a paycheck to compensate.

But the part that really sucks is that if tomorrow you offer me a job, I'll still take it and be thankful.

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