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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Nasty times Dean.

I've been through shit like that, and there's nothing one can say to make it logical.

You did the right thing, no physical reaction.

She might feel guilty and apologize. Do that but do not forget. And dicuss it later with calm. Might get soloved

If she doesnt say anything, that's the bad part. Means she represses bad stuff and isnt happy with something. Try to discuss it anyway but be prepared to leave, eventually. i know there's big things involved but sometimes frustration kills love ande you dont have to have done anything. it just pops out of nothing.
It got solved mate...but it wasn't a pleasant exercise.

Most shameful thing about it was that my 4 year old kid witnessed this fucking spaz attack and for that I am hanging my own head in shame right now.
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