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Originally Posted by Dean from Australia View Post
Yeah - we did all of that, especially the apologizing to each other but also apologizing to the children (moreso the 4 year old than the 12 month old).

The whole thing left me feeling like shit for days but I made my peace w/ it.
My support goes to you in this difficult time, Dean. I was there more than 13 years ago. My eldest is now 19 and has some mental scarring because of the manipulative crap she was fed by her mother, who moved out when she was only 6, leaving me to bring her up practically on my own for over a year. Boy, when she came back with lawyers to fight for custody, that was bitter stuff, particularly as I was divorcing her.

Fast forward to now. I am re-married with 2 kids (a girl I met in Singapore when I was 20) and my daughter and I are tight - she knows she had been manipulated to blame me, and to hate my new wife. Bitches be crazy.

Quick tip .... don't have an emotional argument with a woman. They are heavily armed with poor logic, warped memories and tears, as well as a perceived notion that they can physically attack in the knowledge that you will not fight back.

No offence meant to women who are not like described as above. Both of you.
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