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Originally Posted by benjita View Post
Nope, didn't say that, I said "Hell, damn near all Animé stories can be performed by actual human beings nowadays."

You're right, it is apples and oranges. Personally, I like anything that's entertaining to me. Which covers damn near everything that's not this reality bullshit. I'll try anything once, and most shows that are "written" will get at least one episode from me animated or not. Granted there are some whose premise will be so unappealing that I'll decide on not even giving it a try, like any movie that's basically "Pretty Woman".

As for generalizing, that's just it. There is no specific genre to animé, that's what I was trying to convey. It's like blowing off all American TV because you don't like "The Real World". Personally, I don't like the Giant Robot genre, so I don't watch any new Gundam series that comes out. The only one I got into was Martian Successor Nadesico, because it was basically a parody. But there are as many genres of animé as there are regular TV shows. Sci-fi, fantasy, romance, romantic comedies, children's, thrillers, you name it.

About the only thing that you can't recreate in real life is the original artist's depictions. It's the same in America. What's closer to the X-Men comic book, the X-Men animated series in the early '90s or the movies? In Japan, their Animé is usually a direct translation of the manga. Pretty much word for word. If no other reason for it being animated, it's staying true to the story angles, facial features and all. Find me a live action series that is 100% true to the story down to each and every word, angle and action. Even The Pelican Brief was slightly off, and that's about the closest thing to the book I've ever seen.

I'm not saying Animé's better. I'm saying that I've found more Animé series that I liked than live action American series.
you're comparing foreign cartoons to domestic live action. this is why you are retarded. i don't need paragraphs to tell you that there are american cartoons and foreign live action shows. you are being very narrow minded. it's like saying, "there are no good american chicken sandwiches. kobe beef is soo much better."
apples to oranges sweetheart
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