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Attempted to play Crysis 2 on it's home, the PC. I've never seen such a drastic turnaround for a series. I had to stop playing.

Press start
Press a button to slide
Press a button to cling to a ledge
Hold a button to melee attack
Press mouse 1 to crawl...
Press mouse 2 to crawl...
Press mouse 1 to crawl... (Couldn't I just hold forward?)
This is where you can flank!!! (big glowing yellow diamond)
This is where there's ammo!!! (big glowing yellow diamond)
This is where you can hide!!! (big glowing yellow diamond)

On top of that console nonsense, there are many places where the voice come up TELLING YOU WHICH BUTTON TO PRESS. Even worse, it'll stop the game and freeze you in place until you do press the button it told you, then hold you in place more until an enemy does a specific action, so the game can demonstrate it's point. Frequently PRESS F!!! will come up on the screen, and it'll pull your view away to something that's happening in the sky or somewhere else. Also, the previous four nanosuit powers have been changed to basically two. Q is armor and E is cloak (used to be lean out in every other FPS). Speed and strength are automatic, because four options for console players is too much, so fuck PC.

Seeing how poorly executed and dumbed down this was for consoles, I have a new appreciation for Valve games and they way they direct the player's view and never force anything on you. They port their games to console, not the other way around, and it shows.
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