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Originally Posted by EatTheWeak View Post
This statement is gross. The whole PUA thing is gross. The "PUA community" deserves every jot of its bad reputation. It's actually more disturbing to learn that there's a "more mathematical" PUA rating system for women, as if it's any less objectifying and dehumanizing to assign women numerical values like they're livestock if one has to open Excel or whatever the fuck and run a few equations to determine a woman's worth. (NOTE: please don't take this as an invitation to further explain the rating system - just knowing it exists is plenty creepy as is, thank you)

This. People are not vending machines (men or women). You can't put your quarters into every one, push a particular button, and get the same thing every time. If your aim is to get your dick wet and you play the odds by hitting up a hundred women, then yeah, your chances of getting laid are high. But you aren't learning a damned thing about how to treat other people and if your aim is to find someone long term, this isn't the way to do it.
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