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My birthday is on the 27th of November, and it was always decent. My parents always made sure to make me feel special and separate.

My daughters have birthdays at the end of January, and it wasn't until them that I realized how fucking hard this is, financially. The birthday party alone runs a few hundred dollars. Then more for goodie bags, food, cake, etc.

This will lessen as they get older, but now.. It becomes a choice of what to do, party or lots of presents. But I've also got twins, so everything is double at the same damn time. Thankfully I can combine games, systems, movies... But other stuff? Although they may suffer in comparison to some kids, they at least stay consistent with each other.

As for me, my birthday is pretty much negligible. We replaced our TV and spent a few hundred extra, so that became my present. That's generally how it goes.

As for the present for Cat, fuck dude, go spend $50 and get her a nice piece of jewelry. I got some nice stuff for my wife at wal-Mart, of all places, and it's actually very nice, and cost all of $60. It doesn't cost much to simply get her something to show you care. If she isn't okay with an honest and daring gesture, then that's on her.

Simply put though, we buy too much shit for people. Christmas and birthday presents go above and beyond. I'm spoiled and entitled now, and I wish I hadn't gotten everything I wanted. It's sickening. I know that I give my kids too much, but I don't give them near as much as some people do. No $500 iPads. No 40 Presents. Their main presents for Christmas are 2 stupid fijits and the skylanders game. The other stuff, games and shit, nothing stupid in comparison.

In the coming years, I plan on reducing it further. I refuse to have them turn out like I did.

In summary, go buy her something. She deserves it, putting up with your shit
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