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small things really bothered me though, like the scene with the trolls. why did the ponies get captured by the trolls? in the book, they spotted the trolls because of their fire in the woods, but in the movie the trolls captured two ponies...i just dont get why they would change something so simple.
Because in the book Bilbo goes alone, gets caught, then the trolls ambush the dwarves one by one. But the movie needs to have a cinematic fight scene, so they needed to bring in everybody at once.

the description of the inside of the mountain where the goblins are was TOTALLY changed. its supposed to be dark tunnels, not huge networks of wooden bridges and pulley systems.
fwiw, the book's caves are dark as shit, and neither Bilbo nor the dwarves can see dick in there. Bilbo stumbles around using the glow of the sword. But it wouldn't translate well on screen if for 20 minutes they'd just be lost in darkness. Also, apparently a thing with HFR is you need increased lighting, which is why everything in the movie looks so light (and Gandalf's hat is practically shining). So they had to make the caves light to film. Bridges and pulley systems are so they can do fight scenes in 3D.
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