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THAT POLYGRAPH COULD NEVER BE ADMITTED IN COURT and that bastard knew it when he bought his own test. And if the state police DID administer a polygraph annnnd he passed, defense council could most definitely get the result in the discovery. If the prosecution tried to bury that result that would be misconduct.

Consistent does mean "the same" you asshole. What that line ment was she said the abuse happened at 4:00, or whatever, and three adults said that she and woody were alone together at that time.

Abuse cases are difficult to Prosecuite under the best of circumstances and due to the high profile of the case and the best defense money could buy, there was no way that case would see a courtroom. They only true thing Dixon said was you can't assume info in Vanity Fair is evidence.

Oh yeah, I have not liked one of woody Allen's movies

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