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Originally Posted by ImStillToni View Post
Now that I finished that clusterfuck, I'd say let the Woody Allen shit GO already you guys lmao damn i love yall but I wanted to shake the shit outta both of your asses & found myself agreeing with Pat most of the time.

I just find it very dangerous when people state their opinion as fact, as though listeners who do not take the time to research said topic will by no doubt believe the opinions as could you guys go on and on about a crime when in fact the man was never even charged with a crime in 20+ years? Fact remains, he was never charged. So to continue going on and on like he was based on one person's claims is not the best thing to do imo....all you gotta do is throw in an "allegedly" beforehand.
Thanks Toni, I can't add anything to that. You nailed it.
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